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Eco Trips
We recommend bringing:
•Walking shoes,
•Sweaters for evenings.
•Bathing suit and towels.
•Insect repellent,
•Sun protector
The Orinoco River, which goes along the inner side of the country, and which in the Indian language means “father of our land”, has formed over the millennia one of the largest deltas in the world. This is a vast region of wild forest, damp jungles and mangrove swamps through which flows an intricate system of rivers, estuaries and channels carrying the waters of this great river to one or another of its more than 70 major mouths. In this labyrinth lots of very small bayous grow in size and the great channels turn into swamps. This primitive land is inhabited by the Warao Indians whose adaptation to an amphibious life and utilization of the limited resources of a world strange to most people has fascinated visitors to the Delta since the 16th century.

Orinoco Delta Lodge

The camp is located near Boca de Uracoa and surrounded by deep exotic forest and swamps, its architecture is that of Warao Indian style houses, an attractive complex of 37 individual comfortable cabins with a huge dinning and bar area overlooking the river.
The Orinoco Delta in Venezuela is still virgin. Its web of countless small and big rivers allows us to venture deep into spectacular galleries of untouched beauty. They are used fast strong boats to get as deep as the Delta permits. Then we change to smaller boats with smaller motors, and finally we do it just like the Warao Indians did it for thousands of years, we penetrate 1-2 meter canals by dug-out canoes. With the blasting sounds of the Howler Monkeys and the sharp curious screams of the Blue and Gold Macaws protesting our invasion, the effects are unforgettable.

All excursions will be around the base camp. This includes visiting the Indians and taking a glimpse of their way of living and a jungle walk with experienced guides to venture into this mysterious world of the Warao Indians. Here you can touch and smell what you usually see only on films, the tropical rainforest. You will explore in a boat trip to observe the fauna and flora of the area, a quiet canoe ride in a small river, experience fishing for Piranhas with a spectacular sunset also on the boat, and a night trip in a canoe with spotlights to blend in the delta darkness

3 days / 2 nights
Day 1. Orinoco Delta (LD)
Reception at the airport. Transfer to the port where you board a motorboat to the heart of the Delta. Navigation through the Orinoco tributaries, where we can admire the unique Delta’s flora and fauna. Arrive to the Lodge located in one of the islands formed by the river. Welcome drink and lunch. In the afternoon visit the Warao Matriarchal community. Experience the thrill of a little walk in the middle of this exotic forest. Have a close contact with the local flora and fauna. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a good night rest.

Day 2. Excursion into the Forest (BLD)
Breakfast. Boat excursion to the Orinoco’s mouth. Visit to the islands. Lunch. In the afternoon walking thru the forest to admire the local fauna like: Monkeys, Parrots, Alligators, Butterflies, etc. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 3. Orinoco Delta (D)
Breakfast. Profit of your last moments in the Delta and get ready for the departure, during the way back we can fish the famous piranha. Transfer to the airport or to the Delta pier.
•Transfers from the port to the camp (RT).
•2 nights of accommodation with full board (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner).
•Soft drinks during the excursions in the jungle.
•Visit to the Warao Community
•Local guides
Not Included:
•Air ticket Caracas - Maturín
•Land private transfer from Maturín or Puerto Ordaz
•Domestic Airport taxes
Waro Waro  Lodge
This camp is not within the commonly offered in the delta, is small, rustic and has an unique atmosphere, located on a narrow pipe, which offers a privileged observation of fauna and flora (you can see freshwater dolphins, otters, macaws, parrots, toucans, orioles, capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys and more). Its structure is lifted in full harmony with the landscape of the place, in a protective environmental sense, creating a minimal impact on the natural and cultural treasure of the Warao community.
Day 1: Orinoco Delta (LD)
Transfer by boat from San Jose de Buja. Arrival to Waro Waro Lodge, briefing & welcome drink. Lunch.Ride by motorboat for the observation of flora and fauna .Sunset & swimming. Return to the lodge, dinner and night in the camp.

Day 2: Excursion into the forest (BLD)
Breakfast. Jungle walk. Lunch at the lodge. Piranha fishing. Warao family visit and opportunity to buy their handicrafts .Return to the lodge; dinner and night in the camp.

Day 3: Orinoco Delta (BL)
Breakfast .Delta discovery in a canoe ride .Transfer by boat back to San Jose de Buja
*For the Jungle walk excursion the lodge provides rubber boots
•Transfers from the port to the camp.
•2 nights of accommodation with full board (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner).
•Soft drinks during the excursions.
•Local guides
Not Included:
•Air ticket Caracas - Maturín
•Land private transfer from Maturín or Puerto Ordaz
•Domestic Airport taxes
Rancho San Andrés

Located in the Savannas in Monagas, just 35 minutes from Maturin. It is an estate of dairy cattle breeding, with vast grasslands, palm and morichales. At Rancho San Andrés you can explore and enjoy beautiful landscapes of the plains on horseback or hiking. You can witness and participate in typical Ranger activities; wander horse pastures, milking cows, regrouping in pens of cattle and tying and immobilization techniques, among other activities.

3 days / 2 nights
Day 1. Caracas – Rancho San Andrés (D) 
Arrival to the Ranch, welcome cocktail. Entrance to Rancho, welcome cocktail, free recreation program with availability of Use Pool tables, Table tennis, various games, etc. Also watching various animals among which we find the following: land turtles (tortoise), amphibious turtles, snakes in captivity such as the anaconda and boa constrictor, diversity of birds and other. Also a refreshing and relaxing time at the pool or a nap in a hammock. In the evening do not miss the beautiful colors of the sky with sundown. Traditional dinner, free time, open bar service until 12:00 am., Overnight.
Day 2. Excursion in the jungle (BLD)
Breakfast. Departure by road to a port with access to Orinoco River Delta (30 min approx.). Arrival and transfer to a boat and then take the fantastic adventure of penetrating waterborne delta green forest. Along the way we see the wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as the original inhabitants of the area: Warao ethnic Indians, direct contact with them through a visit to their village, meet its architecture and customs, part of an ancient culture (option to purchase crafts made ). We will hike into the jungle to learn more about the variety of plants, many of them unique in the world such as the " Temiche" whose palms are used for the construction of the roofs of the houses in the area, its fruit: the "coquit " with water inside, plus have the opportunity to taste the worm of the moriche palm, very rich in protein. Typical lunch in the camp. In the afternoon you can try  fishing in the wild piranhas and if you are lucky, see the beautiful blue butterfly (Morpho) . Return to the Ranch during the course of the afternoon. Dinner, free recreational activities. Overnight .
Day 3. Rancho San Andrés (BL)
Early, take the opportunity to observe the milking of dairy cows. Breakfast. Then ride through the ranch pastures in Pick-up 4x4, or (in option) horseback riding, observation and participation in the reunification of the cattle in stockyards  and tying and immobilization techniques performed by the rangers. Lunch and departure.

•Private transfers to the port
•2 nights accommodation according to the program in rooms with private bathroom
•Full Board 
•Water and refreshements during excursions
•Local guides
We reccommend bringing:

•Bathing suit, towel and shorts
•Repellent, long trousers, long sleeved shirts
•Lantern and batteries
•Sports shoes or comfortable boots
•Grooming kit