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Orinoco Delta & Canaima National Park
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Destination: Porlamar - Maturín - Orinoco Delta - Canaima - Porlamar

Length: 2 D / 1 N
Day 1. Porlamar - Maturín - Orinoco Delta
Transfer to the airport to take flight to the Orinoco Delta. The Orinoco Delta is an almost untouched area, which was created by the encounter of the fresh waters of the Orinoco and the sea water of the Ocean. Arrival to Maturin. Transfer to the pier to visit the Warao Indian community. With them, we will rediscover our primal lifestyle, living out of hunting, fishing and gathering, in complete harmony with nature, as it used to be. After lunch in the camp you will take a walk around the jungle and if you like fishing you will have the opportunity to practice it in the river. Overnight at the camp.
Eco Trips
Day 2. Delta / Canaima - Porlamar
Breakfast. Boat ride to the pier of Boca de Uracoa and transfer to the airport. Flight to the wonderful Canaima National Park, the biggest park of Venezuela (3 millions hectares). During your flight you will be taken thru tepuis and will have time to enjoy the spectacular scenery. Over flight of Angel Falls and the tepuis, considered the oldest rock formations of our planet. We land at Canaima with more than 80 beautiful waterfalls, then we’ll take an excursion over the Canaima Lake and to Sapo Falls crossing the Canaima Lagoon in dug out Indian canoes conducted by Indians, we pass the Ucaima, Golondrina and Hacha Falls, that fall spectacularly into the lagoon. You will take a short walk through light tropical forest and savannah to the base of the Sapo Waterfall. Here we’ll take time for a short bath in the refreshing waters. We continue the excursion walking behind the curtain of water (some 200 meters) that descends from the dashing Carrao River. Return to the camp to have lunch at the restaurant with a beautiful lagoon view. Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Margarita.