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Destination: Caracas - Puerto Ayacucho - Autana - Puerto Ayacucho   Caracas

The sacred mountain of the Piaroa Indians, “The tree of the world’s fruits”, is a 900-meter tree trunk-shaped rock mountain isolated in the middle of a vast jungle. Reached by sinuous rivers on Indian canoes. An insight to peace and beauty, white beaches, bird songs, the smell of the jungle, the rain, and the sun make the perfect combination for a perfect stay.

Length: 3 D / 2 N
Day 2. Mount Autana
Breakfast. Boat ride to the Indian Community of « Raudal de Ceguera » located on the banks of Autana River, just in front of Autana Tepuy. Lunch. A walk through the jungle (about 4 hrs) leads us to the Wajari Mount, from where we’ll admire the splendorous Mount Autana. Return to the Indian village of Laguna de Mapuey. Dinner and overnight in hammocks.

Day 3. Puerto Ayacucho - Caracas
After breakfast, a walk to visit Mapuey Mountain. Transfer by boat to Samariapo (about 5 hrs), and from there to Puerto Ayacucho. Transfer to the airport.

Eco Trips

Day 1. Caracas - Puerto Ayacucho
Reception in the airport, transfer by jeep to Samariapo, from this point further transfer is by boat thru the rivers Orinoco, Sipapo and Autana. Lunch. Visit to the Piaroa Indian Community, an Indian village where you will spend the night in hammocks with nets. Dinner and overnight.