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Multidestination Tours
Not Included:
•Entry fee to Canaima National Park
•Domestic Airport taxes
•Flight  Georgetown-Caracas
A journey through the jungle of Venezuela and the British Guyana
If you love to observe the fauna and flora in pristine places and excite you get away from the "madding crowd“. To discover simple life forms in touch with nature, this program will give you unforgettable moments...

14 Days / 13 Nights
Day 2. Maturín -Orinoco Delta  (BLD)
Breakfast. Transfer to the Boca de Uracoa Port where you board a motor boat to the heart of the Delta. Navigation through the Orinoco tri butaries, to undertake the fantastic adventure of penetrating the green forest of the delta where we can admire the unique Delta´s flora and fauna. Arrive to the Lodge located in one of the islands formed by the river. Experience the thrill of a little walk in the middle of this exotic forest. During the walk through the intricate marshy jungle we will be in direct contact with the nature, and know how the Indians take advantages of the different plant and animal species for food, medicine wood and fibers to produce handicrafts, utensils, tools and build their houses. We will learn some survival techniques in the jungle. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a good night rest.
Day 3. Orinoco Delta (BLD)
Breakfast. At break of dawn navigation on curiara through glades and tributaries guided by Warao Indians, to witness the awakeness of the Delta. We will have the opportunity to taste the worm of the moriche palm, very rich in proteins. We will also stop to fish the wild Piranha and with some luck we will be able to observe the beautiful blue butterfly (Morpho) and other tropical animals.  Lunch. Dinner and overnight.

Day 4. Orinoco Delta - Ciudad Bolívar (BL-)
Breakfast. Enjoy the exuberant vegetation and fauna of this region. Time to relax.  Lunch. Fluvial and land transfer to Ciudad Bolivar. Discover this beautiful colonial city , the oldest city in the Amazons walking along its wide and long streets. In this place Simón Bolivar the Liberator signed the independence of South Americans countries. Overnight.
Day 5.  Ciudad Bolívar - Canaima (BLD)
Early breakfast. Departure from Ciudad Bolivar in a Charter flight to Canaima to arrive to The Lost World of the Canaima National Park. Transfer to Ucaima Port to take a curiara through the Carrao River. At the Mayupa rapids it may be necessary to walk for about 20 min. and let the crew haul the empty canoe through them. Short time after beginning your journey you will be dazzled by the majestic Auyantepuy, home of the Angel Falls, standing still as medieval fortress of gigantic dimensions. Its impressive walls shelter the river from both sides. Once inside the Canyon, the Angel Falls appear in all its majesty when the boat approaches Isla Ratoncito. Once in the camp board another “curiara “(Indian boat) up until the point where you will walk to laime lookout point. Having arrived get until the base of the Angel Falls, and will witness its mist falling all over the place. Enjoy a nice bath on the pool formed by the waterfall on its way down. Return to the camp for lunch, and relax going swimming in the Churun River. Overnight in hammocks at the camp in front of this magic scenery.

Day 6.  Canaima (BLD)

The next day enjoy the falls and return to Canaima camp to take the Excursion to Sapo Falls. Dinner and overnight in a Camp (in comfortable bungalows with private toilets) from the camp admire a fantastic view to Canaima Lake and the ancient mountains called “tepuys” by the Pemón Indian Community.
Day 8. Puerto Ordaz - Gran Sabana (BLD)
Breakfast. Departure from Puerto Ordaz. In this modern city we will visit the Cachamay Park to admire its cascades and La Llovizna Park. The trip continues passing through the towns of Upata, Guasipati, the Callao and Tumeremo. All these villages conserve the structure of mining towns with own cultural expressions of the time of the colony. Cross El Callao, an underground gold mine. In Tumeremo we will stop to have lunch in a Creole typical restaurant. We will continue trip passing by the town of 88 Km and in "La Piedra de la Virgen" (the Stone of the Virgin) we will stop to observe this natural monument. From this point we will ascend until the 1,400 mts to arrive at La Gran Sabana. Dinner and overnight.

Day 9. Grand Savannah (BLD)

After breakfast we will continue the trip towards the indigenous population of Iboribo. Visit by Curiara (Indian boat with motor on board) to Salto Aponguao (higher Jump of Grand Savannah 106 mts of height). The route in curiara takes approx 30 min. Soon we will undertake our walk of return passing through Pozo Escondido (the Hidden Well) and Pozo de los Enamorados (the Well of Lovers) where you can take a refreshing bath and have a picnic lunch. Dinner and overnight at the camp.

Day 10. Grand Savannah (BLD)
Breakfast. Departure to Santa Elena de Uairen, occasionally stop to visit places of interest like Salto El Kavvi, Salto Kama Meru, viewpoint El Oso, where you will have the opportunity to take photos to the prehistoric tepuyes, Quebrada Arapan and Quebrada Soroape. At this point we will take our picnic lunch to continue to Salto Yuruani, Quebrada El Jaspe (named after the famous precious stone). You will visit La Línea de Brazil, border line with Brazil, where you will appreciate the limits of both countries. Dinner and overnight at the Camp in Santa Elena.
Day 7. Canaima - Puerto Ordaz (BL-)
Enjoy your last bath in Canaima. Free time to visit the handcrafts shop or visit Indian community. Transfer to the piste. Flight to Puerto Ordaz. Overnight.
Day 11.  Santa Elena de Uairén (Venezuela) - Boa Vista (Brasil) - Lethem (British Guyana)  (BLD)
Breakfast. Transfer to the border “La Línea“ take the transfer to Boa Vista crossing the frontier to Lethem in Guyana. Lunch in Lethem. Dinner and Overnight.

Day 12. Lethem - Georgetown (B)
Enjoy the surroundings of Lethem. After breakfast, transfer to the piste to take the plane to Georgetown. Enjoy the visit to the Georgetown city. Georgetown is the capital and largest city of Guyana, located in the Demerara-Mahaica region. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Demerara River and it was nicknamed 'Garden City of the Caribbean. There are also many tourism attractions in Georgetown including the St. George's cathedral, and Stabroak market, the Demerara Harbour Bridge, and the Pegasus hotel. Overnight.

Day 13. Georgetown - The Wonderful Kaieteur Falls (BL)
After breakfast take a flight to Kaieteur, the second world’s highest free-falling waterfall after Venezuela’s Angel Falls. 100 meters wide created as the Potaro River makes a sheer drop of 228 meters, nearly five times the height of Niagara. The spectacle is the more impressive for its remoteness and it is altogether possible that we’ll be the only persons viewing it.  Here we will hope to find White-chinned and White-tipped Swifts swirling over the gorge, and perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to see the astonishingly colourful Guiana Cock-of-the-Rock close by. Orange-breasted Falcon can be seen over the gorge as it hunts for swifts. The flight then continues onto Orinduik Falls before returning to Georgetown. Overnight.
Day 14.  Georgetown (B)
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Caracas.
•Assistance at the airport
•Private transfers in/out
•1 night accommodation in Maturín with breakfast and dinner.
•2 nights’ accommodation in Orinoco Delta with full board and excursions.
•1 night accommodation in Ciudad Bolivar with breakfast.
•1 night accommodation in Canaima with full board in hammocks in front of the Angel Falls.
•1 night accommodation in Canaima lodge with full board in beds and private toilets
•1 night accommodation in Puerto Ordaz with breakfast .
•3 nights in Grand Savannah in camps with full board and excursions.
•1 night in Lethem with breakfast and dinner.
•2 nights in Georgetown with breakfast.
•Local guides.
•Flights :
     - Caracas- Maturín
     - Ciudad Bolívar- Canaima
     - Canaima - Puerto Ordaz
     - Lethem-Georgetown
     - Georgetown - Kaieteur-Georgetown 
Day 1. Caracas - Maturín (--D)
Arrival to Maiquetia International Airport. English bilingual assistance by an Alborada Guide who will give you the briefing of your trip, voucher and air tickets. Transfer by walking (5min) to the national airport to take the domestic flight to Maturin (50 min). Transfer by road to Rancho San Andrés, a ranch specialized in stockbreeding located in the eastern plains near the Orinoco Delta. Dinner and Overnight.