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Multidestination Tours
Destination: Caracas - Maturín - Orinoco Delta - Ciudad Bolívar - Canaima - Angel Falls - Puerto Ordaz - Caracas - Georgetown - Kaieteur Falls - Port of Spain
Length: 13 D / 12 N*

Day 12. Port of Spain
Breakfast. On this day, go along the East-West Corridor to Arima where you may see some of the Amerindian descendants of Trinidad’s first peoples. We then visit the Asa Wright Nature Centre, a protected reserve with the widest array of birds, flora and fauna in the Caribbean. A cool dip in the clear water pool will if not preserve your youth, invigorate you for the day. Have lunch at the facility, hike the trails or just rest and relax. Transfer to the hotel and overnight.

Day 13. Port of Spain - Connection back home (B)
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport to take the connection back home.

*Possibility to make it 10D/9N, with fixed
departures every Wednesday, visiting
Venezuela & British Guyana and their
world's famous waterfalls!

Day 1. Caracas
Arrival to Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela. Assistance at the airport with bilingual guide and transfer to the hotel in front of the Caribbean Sea, where you will spend a relaxing overnight.
Day 2. Caracas - Orinoco Delta (BLD)
Transfer to the national airport to take the flight to Maturín. Transfer from the airport to the pier, from where you will ride a boat into the Orinoco River to arrive to the lodge. After lunch, take a path in the jungle and admire the beauties of the diverse and exotic flora and fauna of the Amazons: Toucans, Guacamayas, and Macaws. During the way back we can fish the famous piranha. Return to the camp by sunset. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3. Orinoco Delta - Ciudad Bolívar (BL)
Breakfast. Enjoy the exuberant vegetation and fauna of this region and visit the Warao matriarchal community. Enjoy a morning excursion with lunch included. Fluvial and land transfer to Ciudad Bolivar. Discover this colonial city walking along its narrow and picturesque streets (it is the oldest city in the Amazons). In this city Simón Bolivar the Liberator, signed the independence of South Americans countries. Overnight in posada.

Day 4. Ciudad Bolívar - Canaima National Park and Angel Falls (BLD)
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Canaima. This ancestral and magical place is a land of tepuis, magic and sacred mountains of the Indians. Transfer to Ucaima Port to take a curiara (indigenous boat) through the Carrao River. At the Mayupa rapids it may be necessary to walk for about 20 min. and let the crew haul the empty canoe through them. You will be dazzled by the majestic Auyantepuy, home of the Angel Falls, standing still as medieval fortress of gigantic dimensions. Its impressive walls shelter the river from both sides.  Once inside the Canyon, the Angel Falls appear in all its majesty when the boat approaches Ratoncito Island. Lunch in the open forest. Once in the camp board another curiara up until the point where you will walk to Laime lookout point. Enjoy a nice bath on the pool formed by the waterfall on its way down. Return to the camp, or relax going swimming in the Churun River. Dinner and overnight in hammocks at the camp in front of this magic scenery. (A lodge with private bathrooms is also available for little groups).

Day 5. Canaima National Park (BLD)
The next day enjoy the falls and return to Canaima camp to take the Excursion to Sapo Falls. Dinner and overnight in a Camp (in comfortable bungalows with private toilets) from which you can admire a fantastic view to Canaima Lake and the ancient mountains called “tepuis” by the Pemón Indian Community.
Day 7. Caracas - Georgetown (B)
Breakfast. Take on a city tour in which you will have a panoramic view of Caracas through its main roads, highways and avenues. Visit the modern and financial zone of Caracas. Ride the Cable Car and enjoy the splendorous view of the capital from the Avila Mountain, which is a mountain range (Waraira Repano National Park) that surrounds Caracas. Have a close look of the Humboldt Hotel, an architectural structure built on the highest point of the Mountain. Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Georgetown, the capital and largest city of Guyana, located in the Demerara-Mahaica region. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Demerara River and it was nicknamed “Garden City of the Caribbean”. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight.
Day 6. Canaima - Caracas (B)
Breakfast. Flight to Puerto Ordaz to take the connection to Caracas, a cosmopolitan and modern metropolis with 7 million of inhabitants situated in a green valley at the feet of the Avila Mountain at 950 meters of altitude and at 30 km from the Caribbean Sea. Caracas is not only the Capital of Venezuela, but an exciting city mixture of natural beauty and joyful people. Historical and modern buildings close the day opening to the most exotic discotheques and charming cafes. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight.
Day 8. Georgetown (B)
Breakfast. Take on this city and the cultural legacy it has to offer, with its many tourism attractions in Georgetown including the St. George's cathedral, and Stabroak market, the Demerara Harbour Bridge, and the Pegasus hotel. Overnight.
Day 9. Georgetown - The Wonderful Kaieteur Falls (BL)
After breakfast take a flight to Kaieteur, the second world’s highest free-falling waterfall after Venezuela’s Angel Falls. 100 meters wide created as the Potaro River makes a sheer drop of 228 meters, nearly five times the height of Niagara. The spectacle is the more impressive for its remoteness and it is altogether possible that we’ll be the only persons viewing it.  Here we will hope to find White-chinned and White-tipped Swifts swirling over the gorge, and perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to see the astonishingly colorful Guiana Cock-of-the-Rock close by. Orange-breasted Falcon can be seen over the gorge as it hunts for swifts. The flight then continues onto Orinduik Falls before returning to Georgetown. Overnight.
Day 10. Georgetown - Port of Spain (B)
Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Port of Spain. Trinidad boasts of having everything anyone else has in the world, twin and leaning towers, a myriad of races and more. Discover the secret of the color of the Parliament building and visit Queen’s Park Savannah and the Magnificent Seven. The Savannah had Graf Zeppelin and other aircrafts making visits in the early 1900s.
We then visit the old slave settlement of Free Town, now Belmont. See the original homes of Kwame Ture (Stockley Carmichael) founder of the Black Panther and Power movements and Maycock, the first Free Slave to own land in the area. We’ll also get the rich scientific and cultural history of the area.

Day 11. Port of Spain (BL)
Breakfast. Venture along the mountainous, picturesque North Coast Road through sleepy villages while viewing an abundance of flora and Fauna. Traverse cocoa estates and taste the source of some of the world's finest chocolate. Then retreat to Maracas Bay for a bit of sea, sun and sand and a sampling of our world famous Maracas Bake and Shark. Transfer to the hotel and well-deserved overnight.