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-Charter flight Porlamar - Canaima - Porlamar
-Over flight Angel Falls (if weather conditions allow it)
-Promenade on Canaima Lagoon - Excursion to Sapo Falls
-Bilingual guide
-Taxes and services Airfare
-Boat ride
-Light breakfast
-Non-alcoholic drinks and lunch

Not included:
-Air flight taxes: US$ 8 per pax per flight
-Entrance tax to Canaima National Park: US$ 8 per pax
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PMV114 Full day Canaima
Flight to the wonderful Canaima National Park -The biggest park of Venezuela (3 millions hectares)- Surely it is one of the most unspoiled locations in the world today. Home of the Angel Falls -the highest waterfalls in the world-. With more than 80 beautiful waterfalls, Canaima is a majestic ancient land of tepuis and one of the oldest formations in the planet (1.8 billion years old), with jungles, savannahs and mysterious rivers of lost legends. If weather conditions allow it, we will take a flight to pass over the Angel Falls, the Devil’s Canyon and the majestic Auyantepuy Mountain. Upon arrival, welcome cocktail. Cross the Canaima lagoon in dug out Indian canoes conducted by Indians. Pass the Ucaima, Golondrina and Hacha waterfalls that fall spectacularly into the lagoon. Then take a short walk through light tropical forest and savannah to the base of the Sapo waterfalls. Here we have time for a short bathe in the refreshing waters. We continue the excursion walking behind the curtain of water (some 200 meters), which descends from the dashing Carrao River. Climbing to the top of the falls, we have an excellent view of the savannahs surrounding tropical forest and the tepuis: unexplored majestic tabletop mountains considered the oldest rocks formations of our planet. Return for a typical lunch in the camp restaurant next to the pink, sandy beach of Canaima Lagoon.