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Expedition to Angel Falls and Kavak Caves
Destination: Kavac Caves - Angel Falls
Length: 4 D / 3 N
Day 3. Ratoncito Island-Angel Falls
Breakfast. River excursion thru Carrao and Churun Rivers. Lunch will be served to the Indian traditions, enjoy a good kind of meat or chicken cooked in the middle of the forest. Begin the trekking thru the jungle and arrive to the Highest Waterfall in the World: The Angel Falls. Be dazzled by nature and its glorious way of putting things together and have free time to take a relaxing bath at the pool that is formed by the water on its way down. Accommodation at the camp facing the waterfall, giving you a sight incomparable to anything ever seen. Overnight in hammocks and dinner.

Day 4. Angel Falls-Canaima
Breakfast. Transfer back to Canaima. Take a canoe ride to the falls at Canaima Lagoon, walk thru the forest up until Sapo and Sapito falls. Experience to walk under a water curtain that forms from the falling water. Up on the mountain the view will leave you breathless, in the middle of Canaima National Park, your local guide will give you detailed stories about the ancient rock formations, once considered the gods and goddesses of the Indians. Time to enjoy a bath on the beach in front of the fall. Transfer to the camp. Flight back to Ciudad Bolivar.
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Special Interest

Day 1. Ciudad Bolivar-Kavac Caves
Morning flight Ciudad Bolivar-Kavac. Arrival to the Indian Community of Kamarata. Under the guidance of natives start a 20 minute trek to the impressive Canyon. Begin the adventure walking along a wide savannah, with the amazing view of the rock wall formed by the Auyantepuy. Walking toward the gorge the vegetation changes abruptly into dense jungle, the hiding place of ocelots, anteaters, macaws, parrots and toucans. Enjoy the Kavac River and its many swimming holes, formed in the cavities of reddish shining rocks, which invites you to plunge. Swim through a narrow gorge where cascading water falls down with great force creating a natural pool, and enjoy a relaxing bath. Return to the camp. After lunch, a little walks to Santa Marta community, to visit up-close and personal the Pemon community. Return to the camp, dinner and overnight in this secluded and exotic place.

Day 2. Kavac-Ratoncito Island

Breakfast. Board a "curiara", a typical dugout canoe of the Indians of the zone. Begin the adventure dashing thru the rapids of Akanan and Carrao River. Arrive to the camp on Orchid Island, explore the surroundings, and enjoy a nice swim on the pink-sanded rivers. Participate in the process of creating the camps where the night will be spent and prepare for the excursion of the following day. Dinner and overnight.