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Caracas - The ancient Santa Teresa Rum Ranch - Choroní: Home of the best cocoa in the world - The Tropical Andes - Biological Reserves - Orinoco Delta - Canaima National Park
Day 13. Thursday. Canaima - Caracas
After breakfast, you will have free time to enjoy the scenery, visit the Indian Pemón community or see the Indian handcrafts boutiques. Free lunch. Transfer to the airport to take a flight to Caracas via Puerto Ordaz. Transfer to the Hotel. Overnight.

Day 14. Friday. Caracas: Caribbean Metropolis
Breakfast. Start the day with the discovery of the historical part of the city with a panoramic view of all major points of interest, including Bolivar's birthplace and tomb, the Bolívar Square, the Cathedral and the Capitol Building, the Municipal Council, the Government Palace in the colonial setting of Plaza Bolívar. Then you will ride Caracas’ cable car, and enjoy the splendorous view of the capital from the Avila Mountain (Waraira Repano National Park) that is one of the most beautiful areas of the central coastal mountain surrounding Caracas. El Avila Park protects the wildlife retreating from the growing city. From altitudes which go from sea level to 9.071 ft, this spectacular massif shows itself as a living museum of natural history. Have a close look of the Humboldt Hotel, an architectural structure built on the highest point of the mountain. Opportunity to admire the view of the Caribbean Sea, and not far away is Galipán, a little town located between Caracas and La Guaira, and hidden down the hills of the Avila Mountain. The calm and bucolic way of living will strongly contrast with the tumultuous city. From this point the altitude is near 2.000 m. You can see the bleary line that divides the ocean from the sky. Ride down to the city. Typical lunch. Transfer to the airport to take your international flight.
Destination: Caracas - Santa Teresa Rum Ranch - Choroní - Tropical Andes - Biological Reserves - Orinoco Delta - Canaima

Length: 14 D / 13 N
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Day 1. Saturday. Caracas
Caracas is a big and cosmopolitan metropolis with a mixture of skyscrapers, slums and luxury villas. The vibrating Capital of Venezuela is situated in a green valley, at the base of the Avila Mountain at 950 meters of altitude. Arrival to Maiquetia International Airport. Welcome and assistance at the airport. Transfer to the Hotel. Overnight.
Day 2. Sunday. Rum Ranch Santa Teresa - Choroní
After breakfast, transfer to the 19th century Hacienda Santa Teresa, a beautiful ranch in the middle of Aragua State with sugarcane plantations and the magnificent avenue of Royal Palms (chaguaramos), the perennial symbol of Hacienda Santa Teresa. A little train crosses through the different places of the ranch: the distillery, the bodegas for ageing and the bottling plant. At El Consejo train station the tourists will visit the Bodega Santa Teresa which evokes the bodegas of the 19th century. You will appreciate the Venezuelan house of the time, their way of living and customs. Do not miss a stop for buying Rum from Venezuela with unbeatable prices for groups. You will enjoy a menu that includes the best of Venezuelan nouvelle cuisine and rum-based dishes served in a rural setting with spectacular views of the 1796´s Driving Range. Transfer to the Colonial Village of Choroní. This Village is bordered by the majestic Henry Pittier National Park (108,000 hectares), rich reserve of tropical flora and fauna.
During the trip to Choroní, the Henry Pittier Park (the oldest in Venezuela) shows a diverse kind of fauna: jaguars and 1250 birds known in the region. Choroní is a town of the 18th century and it has the best tropical weather thanks to its great location near the sea. It offers the visitor a rich culture, tropical flavor of cocoa, African origin dances, rivers, falls and the marvelous beaches... Accommodation in a typical posada. Overnight.

Day 3. Monday. Chuao, home of the best cocoa
Breakfast. Excursion to Chuao, an Afro-American origin village communicated only by sea to the rest of the country… Home of the best cocoa in the world, this village has kept its ancient African  tradition. Discover the elaboration of chocolate with traditional methods. The different varieties of Venezuelan cocoa are amongst the most aromatic and well-flavored in the world. In each of the areas in which the Venezuelan cocoa bean is grown, both the genetic characteristics of the bean and the particular care given in the local handling during its growth and recollection, originate the very distinct quality for which the bean is so well-known.
All the process represents an interesting subject of study to those lovers and experts in the elaboration of chocolate. Then you will continue your journey to a beautiful beach where you will have lunch and time to relax and admire the beautiful landscape. Return to the posada. After dinner, If you wish you can join the Afro-Venezuelan dances that take place at night in the town's square.
Day 4. Tuesday. Choroní - Caracas  - Mérida, Tropical Andes
After breakfast, departure to Caracas. Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Mérida, the capital of the Andes. On your way over the mountains enjoy the great view surrounding the Andes. Deep valleys with snow, lined peaks, presence of the native culture. A place to find nice perfect weather under the tropical sun. The Andes, with peaks topping 16,000 feet delight with their peaceful beauty. Nestling among the slopes of these high mountains lay a number of small towns, villages and bustling cities. Handcraft and agriculture give to this region its character, and the warmth of its people makes it a unique charming place. Arrival to the airport and transfer to a typical posada of the area or to one of the small cozy posadas with personalized service and typical food of the region. Overnight.

Day 5. Wednesday. Mérida, Tropical Andes
Buffet breakfast and excursion to the town of Jají, typical village of stoned streets and 19th century Spanish architecture. Visit to the house of an artist of wooden bird sculptures and the beautiful chapel. Then you will discover the coffee "hacienda" where you'll see the coffee making process.  Return to Mérida. Lunch. City Tour: visit to the Cathedral and Archbishop's Palace, the Governor's Palace, the Colonial Art Museum and the Indian Market, in this place you will see a sample of the Andean handcraft work. Overnight.
Day 7. Friday. The Plains
After breakfast, be ready to follow your way to the Big Plains: very different climate and vegetation, weather and people. Located in the heart of Venezuela, this is one of the largest natural reserves of wild fauna. This region is steeped in history, with a rich culture and unforgettable folklorical music. Its climate, vegetation and rivers turn this place into a refuge, more and more attractive for the fauna of nearby areas. During the dry season you may see rugged Venezuelan cowboys or “llaneros”. The reserves, with an area of thousands hectares of pastures, forests, savannahs and rivers, give life to a wide variety of animal species: jaguars, tapirs, alligators, monkeys, anteaters, anacondas, chiguires (the biggest rodent of the world), and more than 360 bird species... Our very own South American Serengeti. Arrival to the Ranch, located in the low Llanos of South Western Venezuela. Comfortable place with no damage to the rustic atmosphere of the wildlife. Rooms have air conditioner, private bathroom and swimming pool. Lunch. Excursion around the ranch. Dinner and Overnight.

Day 8. Saturday. The Plains
Breakfast. Different activities: jeep safari, boat ride to watch flora and fauna guided by a biological guide. After the morning excursion you will have lunch, before another excursion in the afternoon. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 6. Thursday. Mérida's Cable Car: The highest in the world *
After breakfast, excursion to Merida's cable car, rich in history and a proof of the man´s effort to control nature, considered as the highest and longest cable car in the world. It takes the visitor 4,914 feet up to the top of Espejo Peak, 14.295 feet above sea level. Just riding up to one of the highest peaks in Venezuela and being able to witness the breathtaking view is enough reason to visit the cable car. In each station the visitors can stop for hikes and venture into the beauty of the cloud forest. Then we will be on our way to the Páramos… Within a short distance from Mérida you will find the Páramos of Sierra Nevada National Park, La Culata and Santo Domingo. On the way you can visit the beautiful San Rafael de Mucuchíes, and pass by the deep blue Mucubají Lagoon for a short walk. Facing the lagoon there is a Visitor’s Center featuring a permanent exhibition of life on the heaths. Lunch in Mistafi. Arrival to Los Frailes. We reach the small town of Santo Domingo where you will find Los Frailes Hotel. Settled on a place of unsurpassed beauty, this ancient colonial monastery transformed into a hotel offers to its visitors comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 11. Tuesday. Orinoco Delta - Puerto Ordaz
Breakfast. Morning excursion in the jungle. Lunch. Transfer by boat to Boca de Uracoa and then by road to Puerto Ordaz, modern city with a great development in the metal industry and starting point for exciting inland and jungle excursions. This city is run through by the Orinoco River and the Caroni River. Overnight.

Day 12. Wednesday. Canaima National Park
After breakfast, get ready to start an exciting adventure, you will take a flight to Canaima National Park, home of the Angel Falls and of more than 80 beautiful waterfalls. Canaima is a majestic ancient land of tepuis and one of the oldest in the planet (1.8 billion years old), with jungles, savannah and mysterious rivers of lost legends. After the arrival, we will cross the Canaima lagoon in dug-out Indian canoes conducted by Indians. We pass the Ucaima, Golondrina and Hacha waterfalls that spectacularly fall into the lagoon. We take a short walk through light tropical forest and savannah to the base of the Sapo waterfalls. Here we have time for a short bath in the refreshing waters. We continue the excursion walking behind the curtain of water (some 200 meters), which descends from the dashing Carrao River. Climbing to the top of the falls, we have an excellent view of the savannahs' surrounding tropical forest and the tepuis: unexplored majestic tabletop mountains considered the oldest rocks formations of our planet. We return for lunch to the camp. Free afternoon for optional excursion. Overnight at the camp.
Day 9. Sunday. The Plains - Maturín
Breakfast. Free time to enjoy the beauty of this natural reserve. Transfer to Barinas Airport to take a flight to Maturín via Caracas. Arrival to Maturín. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 10. Monday. Maturín - Orinoco Delta
After breakfast, transfer to Boca de Uracoa pier to take the "curiara" (typical boat) that will take you to the green hell of Orinoco Delta in the Orinoco River, which goes along the inner side of the country, and which in the Indian language means “father of our land”, this river has formed over the millennia one of the largest deltas in the world. Composing a vast region of wild forest, damp jungles and mangrove swamps through which flows an intricate system of rivers, estuaries and channels carrying the waters of this great river to one or another of its more than 70 major mouths. In this labyrinth lots of very small streams grow in size and the great channels turn into swamps. This primitive land is inhabited by the Warao Indians whose adaptation to an amphibious life and utilization of the limited resources of a world strange to most people has fascinated visitors to the Delta since the 16th century. Our lodge is located near Boca de Uracoa (1 hr of navigation) and surrounded by deep exotic forest and swamps, its architecture is that of Warao Indian style houses, an attractive complex of 37 individual comfortable cabins with a dining and bar area overlooking the river. After the arrival and installation in the lodge, you will have lunch. Then you will take a ride by the channels in a silent small canoe, to meet these animals and then attend the rendezvous with the Warao community. With them we will rediscover our primal lifestyle, living out of hunting, fishing and gathering, in complete harmony with the nature, as it used to be. Return to the camp. Dinner. Overnight.
(*)The cable car is currently being repaired.
This excursion will be exchanged for an excursion to the Coffee Ranch.