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Airport & Ports
Curacao international Airport (IATA: CUR)

Curacao International airport has a strategic position between the Americas; it offers flights to and from Europe, North and South America, Curacao.


Official web site: http://www.curacao-airport.com/

Location: Curacao Airport Partners, Margareth Abraham Plaza, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles.

Check-In Time: We recommend taking into consideration a check-in time of at least two (2) hours prior to departure for long haul destinations.

Customer Information Desk: They assist callers and airport visitors with questions and concern regarding airport services, flight information, ground transportation, commuting challenges and airport support services. The customer information desk is located between the check-in area and the stairway to the departure hall and can be reached at ( 599-9)839-1000.

: At the airport Antillean Guilders and U.S. Dollars are accepted. Currencies are exchanged according to the specified daily rate as posted by the Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles.

Parking: The parking facilities with approximately 300 parking positions are located just in front of the terminal building. A fee of USD 2.00 per hour applies. Parking is not allowed in front of the check-in area nor is it allowed in front of the building.