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Events & Fests

Grenada Sailing Fest
An internationally famous event, this Festival welcomes sailing captains and crews for some of the most exciting races and related activities. Headquartered at the Port Louis Marina, the annual four-day Festival commences at the end of January featuring international yacht racing from Grenada’s southern coast. Part of the Southern Caribbean Regatta Circuit, the celebrations extend to a second weekend for a popular Work Boat Regatta from Grand Anse Beach.


Carriacou Carnival
Carriacou Carnival encompasses wild and wonderfully expressive street dances, soca frenzy, parade of the bands and a calypso competition that combines rhythm with humorous and stinging social commentary. The Carriacou Carnival offers the unique highlight and feature of the Shakespeare Mas to onlookers. There is no place else in the world where you can witness the recitation of Shakespeare Mas is a unique highlight and feature of Carriacou’s Carnival.

St. Patrick’s Day
Cultural extravaganzas, exhibitions of local arts and craft, food, drinks and agricultural produce are just some of what will be highlighted on the 17th of March in the parish of St. Patrick. Each year, Grenada's northern parish of St. Patrick celebrates the feast of St. Patrick with a week of activities around the official Feast Day of St. Patrick.


Carriacou Maroon and String Band Music Festival
The Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival is a cultural education and entertainment event, developed as the main brand event for Carriacou, and meeting world-class standards. String band music is very popular on Carriacou and has historically been a main source of entertainment at social functions and the Parang Festival at Christmas. There are various genres of this music and patrons will get to experience the scintillating power of this musical tradition.

St. Mark’s ‘Sunset City’ Festival

Celebrating its very own festivity, St. Mark’s will be transformed into a hub of cultural and culinary expression on April 23rd, 2011. Named for Queen Victoria, this little fishing town on Grenada’s northwest coast in St. Mark’s Bay is popularly referred to as ‘Sunset.’ The Annual St. Mark’s Sunset City Festival will encompass a cultural extravaganza, a Best Talent & Fish Cooking Competition, a Health Fair, Exhibitions and more through it's theme 'Enhancing Community Development through Teamwork, Innovation and Empowerment!


Grenada Drum Festival
Founded in 1995 with the goal of spreading the Drum Culture, the Tivoli Drummers have developed a unique style of choreographed drumming that is not seen elsewhere. The festival site will be transformed into a cultural village featuring traditional drumming and dancing. Visitors and locals will have the opportunity to sample and enjoy Grenadian dishes and delights and also view local arts.


Carriacou Regatta
The love of the sea, boat building skills passed through generations and a natural inclination to compete have made the Carriacou Regatta one of the most excitingly diverse in the Caribbean. The event attracts competitors from around the world with work boats, racing boats, sailing boats and yachts. The three-day event takes place the first weekend in August, and features the Miss 'Aquaval' Pageant and other on shore activities and games, including the entertaining donkey race and other sporting events.

Grenada Carnival/Spice Mas
The premier cultural event, ‘Spice Mas’ is Grenadian expression in all its glory, climaxing during the second Monday and Tuesday in August, this annual event with multiple activities takes months of planning and coordination. Full of expression linked to its African, French, British and Caribbean heritage, Carnival is colourful, humorous and full of surprises. Calypsonians, steel pan orchestras, beauty contestants, ‘fancy mas’ bands and others perform and parade to compete for Carnival honours. Grenadians gather to watch, participate and enjoy. Many take on disguises in the costumes of ‘Shortknee’ and ‘Jab Jab’ players.

The Shortknee tradition combines pieces of distant Grenadian history expressed through masks, dance, chants and colourful costumes. Armored with tiny mirrors to reflect enemies and ankle bells to make music, masqueraders in knee-length pants carry talc powder as they stomp through towns and villages. The powder is a symbol of appreciation and sprinkled on those who make cash donations.

Rainbow City Festival

Established in 1985 with a community focused in celebrate the cultural diversity and agricultural abundance in the Parish of St. Andrew, Rainbow City Festival has evolved into a national event for the east coast town of Grenville. Commencing on the first Sunday in August and concluding on the Monday, which is a public holiday, this infusion of music and flavours is named for the brilliant rainbows that often arch across the sky over Grenville Bay.


Carriacou Parang Festival
One aspect of Carriacou's Culture that everyone must experience even if it is only once in a lifetime is the Annual Carriacou Parang Festival. The festival is held every year in the month of December on the weekend preceeding December 25th (Christmas Day), and attracts hundreds of visitors from across the region.