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Events and Fests

New Year
It all starts from the first of December till the 1st of January where all Surinamese take their business in a low profile mode. Running through this celebration month where all Surinamese are looking forward to, there are almost activities and events every day. With its first climax Christmas Eve and its blast of a celebration on New year's Eve.


Day of the Revolution
The commemoration and celebration of the day of the revolution on February 25, 1980 led by Desi Bouterse, along with fifteen other non-commissioned officers of the National Army.

Holy Phagwa
The Holifeest means breaking all barriers that separate people. Everyone takes part on an equal basis to the people pleasure: men, women, youth, elderly, poor, rich, people of all persuasions, etc. On this day, all people are equal; every man is an equivalent drop in the ocean of humanity. The people embrace each other, wish each other the best, and spend the day together in unity and harmony. Pity the spirit of Holi but a short time! The man would have to continue to fight evil and seek a loving and humane society


Good Friday
The day after Maundy Thursday, Good Friday. On this day in church services commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus. The bells before the service is not, as a sign of mourning. Good Friday is 'good' because Christians believe that Christ's voluntary death meant that God cared about the human suffering and the self upon himself. Professing Catholics eat no meat on this day.
Christianity is mainly based on the life and suffering and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is the most impressive day for Christians because on this day we remember the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. On this day the Christian communities usually at three o'clock in the afternoon together to Jesus' dying day to commemorate. In many churches one keeps a celebration Calvary.

Avond Vierdaagse
It consists of a four-day cultural walking parade, usually celebrated from April 27th to 30th. During these celebrations, a lot of different ethnic manifestations can be seen, due to Suriname's rich multicultural diversity.


Keti Koti (Breaking the Chains)
Every July 1st, Suriname celebrates Keti Koti (Breaking the Chains), a celebration of the Abolition of Slavery in 1863.


Music Festivals
At the end of October you can enjoy the Suriname Jazz Festival and the Salsuri (International Salsa Festival), where you will be amazed with the talented musicians.


The celebration of Diwali festival in Surinam is not as traditional as that observed by Indians. But Hindus residing in here try their best to absorb most of the aspects associated with Diwali. Stretched to 63.064 square miles, the population of this country include 35-40% Hindus, making Diwali one of the most popular Indian Festival.

Independence Day
Suriname celebrates Independence Day on November 25th, remembering the day in 1975 when Suriname was granted full independence from the Netherlands.


The Surifesta Foundation was established in 1997 by initiatives of the private sector aiming to coordinate the events around December 31 and to improve tourism to Suriname by changing Paramaribo into one big, joyful entertainment area, the place to be, and it is celebrated from December 15th to 31st.