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Our destinations
Fixed Departures
ALB-M900  Venezuela & Colombia
Discover the grandeur of the Venezuelan jungle, the highest waterfall in the world and the heavenly beaches of Paria Peninsula, with the noble Bogotá, the historical Cartagena and the natural Santa Marta in Colombia
ALB-M901  Venezuela & Brasil:
Jungle Adventure Cruise in the Amazon River
Raw nature, magical and unspoiled sceneries... This amazing trip has everything from adventure to romance...
ALB-M902  Venezuela and the British Guyana:
“In search of the highest waterfalls of the World”

A journey through the jungles of Venezuela and British Guyana...
ALB-M903 Venezuela & Perú
Discover the capital of the Inca Empire and relax in the turquoise waters of Los Roques Archipelago
ALB-M904  Trinidad & Tobago, Aruba, Curaçao & Margarita Island:
The Most Exotic Islands in the South Caribbean
Experience the True Caribbean!
ALB-M905  Los Roques Archipelago & Bonaire
This combined tour is suited for ocean lovers of all ages. White-sand beaches, water activities and colorful marine fauna are the stars in these islands!
ALB-M906  Venezuela & the three Guyanas
Experience unique cultural and environmental differences.  From French wines to hot curries, magnificent waterfalls and mangrove swamps, it’s all here in the Guyanas!