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ALB-WINC001  Venezuelan Virgin Jungles
Out of civilization we can propose lodges with high quality services immersed on the jungle surrounding the Orinoco River, its channels and its Delta. We could give you original excursions, far away from every day life, Special plan for Seminars and Incentives and also theme programs: Botanic Anthropology, Etnology…

Orinoco Delta

One day on the trails of Bompland inside the endless net of channels formed in the Delta.


After your transfer by land from Puerto Ordaz to an accessible port of the Orinoco River, board one of the large canoes secured and comfortable…. And prepare to discover the aquatic jungle. The Orinoco Delta gives a unique biodiversity where the Warao Indians, Asians in their origins no doubt about it, still keep their ancestral customs If luck comes on board with us the emotion will be complete, you will see pink river dolphins sailing along with our boat. They will greet you jumping up the water. Better yet you will see otters diving together or the amazing manatee During these moments the multicolored macaws and the monkeys hurlers lace their strident cries on the top of our heads. One stop: we plunge our hooks in mysterious waters, a piranha with its sharper teeth wallows the soft food fiercely. A photograph and it will turn over in its element. On a high ground a halt is essential. Around the buffet features the local ingredients, without forgetting the rum-punch, is time to change impressions and comments according to each boat experience. A group of natives Waraos are present and we will observe their skill to weave and manufacture an exceptional craft industry in quality and which will be for some among us a moving memory.

In front of us and with a natural simplicity will sing and dance as they have been for centuries. More ritual than folk these songs and dances will be presented in the multicolored ancestral clothes. At this moment of dawn it is necessary for us to return. And while we do, a caiman deadened on a bank throws itself to water quickly with our passage.
Lastly, and not as rare as one could think it, nature will award us the ultimate gift: to see a jaguar leaving its bath and, majestic, to regain its lodging insensitive to our presence.


• Round trip bus transfer from to Piacoa. Port in Puerto Ordaz
• Excursion on dug out canoes through the different channels of the Delta. Araguaito, Araguao, etc. Observation of the flora and fauna.
• Coffee break on the open gourmet lunch.
• Observation of the workshops of Indian craft industry. Purchasing possibility.
• Presentation of songs and ritual dances of the Waraos Indians equipped with their ancestral costume.
• Naturalist and anthropologist bilingual Guide