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ALB-D200 Caracas by the way ALB-D201 Visiting Caracas ALB-D202 Caracas and Surroundings CCS101 Historical city tour CCS102 Cable car excursion CCS103 Panoramic city tour and Cable car CCS104 El Hatillo Village CCS105 Panoramic city tour and El Hatillo Village CCS106 Caracas night tour CCS107 Avila Mountain CCS108 Glass factory CCS109 City tour caracas CCS111 Full day Colonia Tovar CCS112 Full day Hacienda Santa Teresa CCS113 Full day Canaima National Park CCS115 Full day Fishing in La Guaira (Deep sea fishing) CCS116 Full day Betania virgin CCS117 Los Roques 2d/1n CCS119 Full day Los Roques


ALB-A500 Visit the Venezuelan Tropical Andes ALB-A501 Los Nevados: The highest and remote village of the Venezuelan Andes MRD101 City tour MRD102 City tour and Cable car MRD103 Jaji Colonial Village MRD104 Los Aleros typical village MRD105 Astrophysic Station MRD106 Venezuela de Antier MRD108 Full day Paramo MRD109 Black Lagoon


ALB-S400 Canaima and the Angel Falls ALB-S401 Angel Falls: Tour to the Lost World CAJ102 Sapo Falls CAJ103 Yuri Falls CAJ104 Overflight Angel Falls CAJ105 Angel Falls and Kavac Caves CAJ106 Orquidea Island CAJ107 Angel Falls Expedition CAJ108 Visit of the Angel Falls and the Dorado CAJ109 Hacha Falls CAJ110 Mayupa Falls


ALB-C300 Discover Margarita Island on your own ALB-P104 Caracas, Margarita Island and Coche Island ALB-WC352 Jeep Safari on Margarita Island PMV005 Half day City Tour PMV116 Sail with the Corsair Ship PMV008 Swimming with Dolphins PMV010 Horseback riding in Macanao PMV117 Full Day Los Roques National Park PMV118 Los Roques Archipelago 24 hours PMV006 Shopping Tour PMV119 Fishing PMV009 Agua Theme Park PMV113 Day Tour Grenada Island PMV112 Day Tour Tobago: Robinson Crusoe´s Island PMV104 Night Tour PMV007 Chiva Rumbera: Party Bus PMV109 Cruise to Coche Island PMV124 Margarita Island - Colonial PMV121 Full day Isla Margarita and La Restinga Park PMV110 Full day Jeep Safari PMV114 Full day Canaima PMV115 Delta - Canaima PMV111 Snorkeling & Diving at Los Frailes Island PMV011 La Restinga National Park & Juan Griego PMV124 Fishing in Fraile Grande and Puerto Real Islands PMV125 Windsurf


ALB-C303 Los Roques Archipelago LRV101 Los Roques Archipelago in Catamaran


ALB-S404 Amazons: Orinoquia Lodge ALB-WE756 Trekking Autana AMA101 Hike Leopoldo Lagoon AMA102 Visit to Cuao River AMA103 Autana Expedition


ALB-C307 Fun and Beaches: Puerto La Cruz PLC101 Night tour Puerto la Cruz PLC102 Full day Margarita Island PLC103 Full day Mochima boat cruise PLC104 Full day Altos de Santa Fe PLC106 Full day Guacharo Cave PLC105 Tour to The Island


MBO101 Panoramic city tour MBO102 Historical city tour MBO103 Sinamaica Lagoon MBO104 Lightning of "Catatumbo" MBO106 City tour and Sinamaica Lagoon


MUN101 Guacharo Caves MUN102 Miraflores Gates MUN103 Morichal Largo River


CBL101 City tour CBL102 Orinoco Boat Ride CBL103 Full day Canaima


ALB-C308 Coro and its Amazing Dunes CZE101 Historical city tour CZE102 Medanos and City tour


PZO101 Meeting waters of Orinoco and Caroni Rivers PZO102 Guayana Castle PZO103 Cachamay Park and Llovizna Falls PZO104 City tour Ciudad Bolivar PZO105 Guri PZO106 Canaima PZO107 Kavac Caves PZO108 Orinoco Delta


CUM101 City tour Cumana CUM102 Mochima boat cruise CUM103 Guacharo Cave


CHOR001 Chuao CHOR002 Cepe CHOR003 Henry Pittier National Park ALB-C305 The Colonial Choroní