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Our History

        We arrived in Caracas in 1984 when Sebastián Mateos, President of Alborada, came to Venezuela to represent a French multinational company in this country. After spending 4 years here, it was now time to return to Paris. But the luxurious green of the geography, the brightness of the majority of the days, the possibility of plunging into the Caribbean Sea in just one-hour drive, the “joie de vivre” of the Venezuelan people, amongst other similar reasons, made us change our plans.

        On the other hand, my French Doctorate in Psychology of Motivations had to be convalidated in Venezuela. I was not motivated to go back to school, and we noticed that tourism in Venezuela was barely starting to develop despite of the great natural resources it had to offer. We soon realized this was the line we had to follow, and after having crossed the country from one end to the other, from Guayana and the Amazon jungles to the tropical Andes passing through the Great Plains and the fantastic Caribbean Islands, we started working on a trip creating wonderful experiences for travelers from all around the world. Our motivation was to be the link for unique events combining both nature and human contact. There’s where our journey in this industry started.