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Social Responsibility

        Our goal is to have our travelers live a unique experience of natural and human contact, rather than encourage travel that has a tremendous negative impact on the environment. It’s all about generating a win-win situation for the parties involved in the process: the traveler, the local suppliers and the environment. It is then our joint responsibility, as services suppliers and travelers to observe practices that can attempt to the integrity of the natural and human resources involved in a trip in order to preserve them for generations to come.

        Being aware that the majority of our tours involve fragile marine, fluvial and land ecosystems, many of them protected under the figure of National Parks as well as World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites, we strongly encourage the respect for nature and the preservation of all natural sites you visit, as well as the cultural customs and traditions of the locals, indigenous or not, that you may encounter on your itinerary. Travelling has now taken a new direction into more experiential and sustainable practices. Attention to small details, such as adapting to the local customs, avoid eating endangered species and respect the local traditions, etc., are practices you can take into consideration to become an eco-friendly traveler.