The finest Tour Operator and Destination Management Company in Venezuela, specialized in combining extraordinary cultural adventures in Amazons with exclusive journeys in the South Caribbean..!
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The Team Behind Each Trip

        A reliable multicultural and multilingual professional team specifically trained to provide the customers the best programs using their proficiency, experience and creativity.

        Our team is led by a mixture of both European and Latin American background, which integrates two approaches: thoroughness and discipline along with originality and art. Our agents are a team of enthusiastic, multilingual professionals knowledgeable in the region and committed to our philosophy. 

Sebastian Mateos:  President.
        Economist, Business Administrator by the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) de París.  Former Assistant Professor of CEILA/ Sorbonne University and Former International Manager of a French Multinational Company.

Cecilia Lináres: General   Director.
        Doctorate in Psychology of Motivations by Sorbonne University. Former Post-Grade Coordinator at the Institute of Psychology at Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

David Mateos: International Marketing Director.  
        His French and Venezuelan bicultural background gives him the advantage to make links of wishes and expectations of European visitors, as well as a deep knowledge of Venezuela and Latin America. His experiences in creative Event such as Sony Entertainment and Polar among others, brings Alborada a new approach.